My name is Andrea Masiá. I was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1992. I graduated from the Simón Bolívar University as a Production Engineer.

I remember the first time I took a picture. I was 6 years old and I took a photo of my parents on vacation. From that moment I knew that photography was something I wanted to explore.

In 2012, I was given my first professional camera and in 2013 I started my studies in the school Roberto Mata Taller de Fotografía, in Caracas. In 2018, my project “Esperanza” was chosen to participate in an art exhibition called “Art and Society” 2018 by the Goethe Institute, carried out in the B.O.D. Cultural Center. In this same year, I took an advanced photography degree at the Center for Research and Photographic Studies (CIEF, for its acronym in Spanish) endorsed by the Andrés Bello Catholic University.

This profession has taught me to see what others miss. Little by little I have realized that it allows me to be aware of what surrounds me, so I can appreciate it and nurture from it. It gives me that transition from observation to capturing an image, and lets me conquer fractions of a second that my memory would be incapable of remembering exactly how it happened. With my camera I can play with: light, time and moments. I learn to understand how these conditions meet each other in a magical instant, that I’m capable of owning - forever.